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Our General Dentistry services cover a wide range of procedures including consultations and diagnostics, as well as more advanced techniques to help us diagnose possible dental problems and plan the best treatment to solve them. From missing teeth to misalignments or severe gum disease, Walnut Creek Dental has the expertise, and the technology, to restore your dental health.

Below are some of the services we offer:

• PERIODONTAL THERAPY   [+ read more]
Periodontal (or gum) disease, if left untreated, can contribute not only to rapid deterioration of the mouth but also has been linked to other serious health problems, including heart disease or stroke. That fact makes it extremely important that you choose a highly trained professional such as Dr. Sisson to handle your periodontal therapy. Dr. Sisson can prescribe a soft tissue program to minimize the spread of periodontal disease and restore your mouth to perfect health.

• SEALANTS   [+ read more]
Even with a proper program of brushing and flossing, preventing tooth decay can be an uphill battle—especially where children are concerned. For that reason, you may want to consider sealant treatments. In this procedure, a thin sealant film is painlessly applied to the surfaces of the teeth, where it bonds to them and seals them safely away from decay-promoting food particles while smoothing their surfaces and protecting them from plaque, acids, and bacteria. When properly placed by professionals like the Walnut Creek Dental team, dental sealants can be nearly 100% effective at preventing cavities!

• ROOT CANALS   [+ read more]
When the pulp inside a tooth gets infected and is not treated, the infection can spread—possibly causing the loss of the entire tooth.  Root canal treatment clears out this infection, saving the tooth and preventing further deterioration. Should root canal treatment become necessary, you can trust Dr. Sisson and his team to perform the procedure with gentleness and a minimum of discomfort.  In fact, you may be surprised to learn that in most cases root canal treatment is no more painful than having a tooth filled.  Some root canal patients experience no pain or discomfort at all!  Don’t let fear keep you from taking care of a small problem before it becomes a big one—and remember, if your apprehension should get the better of you, our sedation dentistry can help eliminate your fears.

• BITE SPLINTS   [+ read more]
A bite splint is a removable oral appliance, usually worn at night, designed to protect the teeth from the effects of TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) or bruxism (grinding of the teeth) or relieve symptoms such as tension headaches or neck pain. The experts at Walnut Creek Dental will individually design and custom-fit a bite splint for you, ensuring that you get the highest degree of protection possible.

• ATHLETIC GUARDS   [+ read more]
Many sports and activities require athletic guards that help keep you and your children safe from accidental injury. A custom-fitted athletic guard from Walnut Creek Dental will provide the best possible protection as well as the highest degree of comfort and the best fit. Don’t take chances with your family’s smiles: have your athletic guards created by the Walnut Creek Dental team and know that you’re getting the very best. You can even pick the color of your choice!

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